About Us


About Us

Small businesses are an essential part of a healthy economy. And yet, the barriers between a good idea and success sometimes stop entrepreneurs in their tracks. The pressures of managing time, tracking money, and realizing a vision can grind new business owners down to a breaking point. Companies at scale have an entire floor of accountants or an outside firm handling their financial data and driving C-Level decision-making with insights.

Partnering your business with DBA means you get those same powerful insights from your financial information delivered to you daily, without the number-crunchers and numerous software licenses. We provide a modern platform, customized to fit your business’s ebbs and flows, so you can make informed decisions that get you ahead.

We’re a small business ourselves—founded, owned, and managed in the heart of the booming technological centers of the Pacific Northwest. We understand the struggle of getting your operation off the ground, keeping compliant while also forging ahead, and trying to anticipate problems before they hamstring your daily operations. We’ve done it before.

Let us take your financial data and turn it into rocket fuel for your business. Get reports custom-made for you and delivered daily, modernized so you can read them in your office or on the go. Let us handle the line items while you take your company in a bright future.

We’re in the business of empowering you, and excited to turbocharge your business and be there with you as you move forward.