Let us handle your
  • Payables
  • Receivables
  • Human Resources
  • Bookkeeping
  • Reporting

See all of your bookkeeping, reporting, goals, and onboarding in one place.

Let us handle your
  • Payables
  • Receivables
  • Human Resources
  • Bookkeeping
  • Reporting

See all of your bookkeeping, reporting, goals, and onboarding in one place.


No two businesses are the same.

Each metric in your dashboard will be carefully selected and customized to meet your needs. We’ll work with you to identify the most relevant parts of your financial information, regardless of your industry or services. Then we’ll compare it to past balances and future targets in meaningful increments, wrap it up, and deliver it to your fingertips every day.



Monitor all of your company's key performance indicators in one place. Whether you're watching a sales number closely, concerned about spending in a specific area, or following changes to payroll costs, your dashboard will give you a clear and current financial picture of your business every day.


Identify changes in your company's finances early and efficiently. Discover small problems easily and address them before they become big problems. Recognize and replicate your successes by seeing what's working early. Whatever course your business is on, your dashboard lets you check your coordinates every day.


Track where your company is, compared to where you want it to be. Quickly see your progress toward a revenue goal in real time. Make informed spending decisions by instantly checking the remaining budget in a key spending category. Know exactly where your business is in relation to your objectives every day.



Having the most current information is important, so we think your books should be current every day of the month. At the end of each business day we will import and classify new transactions to make sure your accounting file is always up to date, accurate, and complete. This level of attention is what separates us from our competitors and we think it will help you do the same. We make sure the service you're getting is right for your business.


A properly structured accounting system can make the difference between clarity and confusion. That's why we conduct a thorough review of your company's chart of accounts before we do anything else. We'll eliminate unused and unnecessary categories and, if needed, further segment accounts that need more detail. We make sure the structure for classifying your transactions is right for your business


Updating records in multiple places can be tedious and result in errors. We avoid those errors by identifying and electronically integrating any relevant data sources with your company's accounting file. We'll eliminate unnecessary data entry while improving the overall integrity of your account system. We make sure the way your data is connected is right for your business.


Manually classifying commonly occurring transactions is inefficient and unnecessary. We eliminate this by first identifying patterns in your company's existing financial data. We then meticulously create rules for classifying future entries and confirm the accuracy before implementation. We make sure the protocol for identifying your transactions is right for your business.

Human Resources

Take your onboarding process from packets of paper and binder clips to automatically generated offers that can be customized, reviewed, and approved in just a few clicks.

DBA is more than a payroll service. We take care of the tedium so you can focus on the hard stuff. Like hiring the right people, building a team that wins, and keeping everyone in the building. Take the time you spend calculating taxes and cutting checks and reinvest it in the people at the heart of your business.



Pay your employees in minutes. Take advantage of mobile capabilities, an employee portal, and time and labor management tools. DBA takes the hassle out of payday so you can take another client meeting and make sure your team is taken care of from anywhere with an internet connection.


Manage your people from start to finish. DBA provides applicant tracking, background checks, and automated onboarding. That means you can ditch the bankers boxes and hanging folders full of tax records and outdated questionnaires—keep every form you need in one place and edit them with ease.


Keep your bases covered and the right people on the team. Use DBA to automatically enroll your team in retirement accounts, calculate employee loans, approve time off requests, and compose performance reviews. Be prepared for your next round of employee meetings.



Today’s customers know more, expect more, and ask more questions. That’s why you need a platform that does more than CRM. Field client questions, see the history of your relationship, and compose insight-infused answers—all within the platform. DBA automatically updates after each transaction and delivers your business-critical information right to your inbox.


Don’t waste time trying to connect financial software to web development apps with custom code. DBA lets you invoice clients automatically. We provide streamlined AR processes. No more keying identical invoices; recurring invoices will be automated to save time.


Every customer has their preferred payment method and every small business needs more flexibility. Let your clients pay you electronically from any device. Receive speedy direct payments from ACH, credit card, or paypal. That means less hassle and happier customers.


You might use sticky notes, scrap paper, or maybe you’ve cycled through every free task-management app in your mobile store. With DBA, never miss a regular deadline or critical communication. Use our personalized payment reminders and overdue notices to stay on top of the everyday tasks that keep your business running.


Access an easy-to-use interface for all of your accounts payable. Cut back on paper clutter. Take pictures of bills and let the platform analyze and schedule them for you. You'll receive automatic reminders when it's time to pay.

Let DBA organize all the vendors that support your business in one place and remind you when you settle your balances. Get to the information you need in a few keystrokes at the office and with a couple of taps on the go.



Fed up with taking up two whole monitors to compare spreadsheets and slog through retyping? You should be. Along with saving you time, DBA can save you eye-strain. Email or drag and drop new information right into the platform and we’ll do the rest of the heavy lifting.


As a small business owner, you deserve workflows that meet your needs and help you stay on track. Manage, review, and approve only what you need to. DBA customizes your review and approval processes and lets your route invoices to key team members.


You shouldn’t have to dial any more 1-800 numbers to order more checks and deal with postage or long, electronic dispatch delays from your bank. Keep it simple. Pay your vendors through ACH with ease.

Ready to turbocharge your business?